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Because it's better than the manual model (I've done loads of miles on both), and I already have other manual bikes including an Africa Twin. Ridden for 35+ years, all year round all weather

There's a general lack of understanding amongst those who've not spent time on the DCT. A bloke came up to me today in the street and asked, "Is that the automatic one or the proper one". It's 2016 - yes it has automatic modes, but they can all be overridden / intervened with in the blink of an eye if you so wish (think modern DSG boxed car systems with paddles) plus a full manual mode. In manual, it will hold any gear and bounce off the limited all day long until you trigger the next cog. It shifts up and down the box way faster than I can perform clutchless shifts on the manual. Yes, when the conditions are shite and you're filtering through rush hour traffic after a hard day it is wonderful to just lob it in Drive mode and treat it like a big scooter

Something highly addictive about keeping the throttle pinned and lobbing cogs at it with your index finger with pinpoint accuracy. Constant seamless drive - it's brilliant

The slipper clutch is superb when you want to drop 2 or three gears at a time. With a pillion it's fantastic - the seamless drive eliminating any chance of clashing helmets

I look at the DCT as being many bikes in one package. I'm convinced it's the future. Don't forget, it's been on production Hondas since 2009 - so not really new technology

To answer your questions, no - you can't blip the throttle (unless stationary in neutral) and you can't roll on the gas and modulate the clutches. It's a very different experience, but one that took me literally two or three minutes to become comfortable with. I've not once ghosted the clutch lever or gone for the foot shift...... your brain recalibrates really fast

Would urge all DCT owners to force themselves to only use full manual mode once every few rides. It's where the bike really shines in my opinion
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