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I've only been riding and racing for 30 years and I chose the DCT. I went with the DCT because I've been riding ADV bikes for a couple years and tend to get them into gnarly situations like I'm still on my EXC KTM. 600lbs on a tight/technical/steep trail is a handful... One stall and she's going over. Beisdes that, shifting while standing is easier than it has ever been. And on the road it's more like a hot sports car with paddle shifters than it is like a scooter.

And most importantly, it makes texting while riding SO much easier.
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Originally Posted by JasonPerryPhoto View Post
Beisdes that, shifting while standing is easier than it has ever been.
Okay, now that is a big advantage!

Originally Posted by JasonPerryPhoto View Post
And on the road it's more like a hot sports car with paddle shifters than it is like a scooter.
Apples and oranges...but you've essentially admitted that it's a scooter. LOL
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DCT, Well, I just wish my other bikes were DCT, If I had to sell my bikes and keep just one I'd keep the AT ,
I may be old but I'm certainly not lazy , in the last five months I've clocked up over 8,000 smiles on my DCT, and loved every minute, swapped the tyres at 6,000 miles for TA 2 s, that's made it even better, and you know what I've not had to adjust the chain at all ,

I know the die hards wouldn't be seen dead on a twist and go, but you know what, you're really missing out on the experience imho,

I'm going out on the MV this morning, unfortunately it has one of those old fashioned gear levers
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I'd say it's more analogous to apples and a big steak dinner. The DCT still has gears that you can shift, it just happens very efficiently (and with little effort) and, thanks to that, it's amazing performance advantage. It's normal to be scared of things you don't understand, but fear not, the DCT is a wondrous invention. =)
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I love the DCT, just love it to bits but I only ride on the road and have TA 2s fitted with better tubes (what a difference in grip they now get hot and sticky).

But as an ex Enduro Rider of 20 years I would want a manual version if going off road at all.

Just sold 6 month old R1200GS.....no character (was my third one), also have Yamaha MT10, but if I had to keep one, its the AT that would stay.

Once used to a DCT a manual seems so "yesterday", always first from the lights and always in the right gear.

A DCT MT10, yes please.........
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Originally Posted by johnnysneds View Post
Hi, very interesting reading. I am awaiting delivery of a DCT in the next week or so. I've been riding enduro bikes for years. At present a KTM200EXC and WR450F. Both bikes have Rekluse clutches and I replaced the clutch lever with a rear brake lever. Having a rear brake lever instead of the foot lever is the single most improvement I have done to both of them. The rear can be modulated far more accurately and the "feel" is nice over that of the foot. Why Honda never implemented this I don't know. Anyhooter back on topic with this thread. My concerns with the DCT before ordering was no clutch! Let me explain. I have been in the hospital with broken bones, several times mainly because of the 200 smoker. The reason, no clutch. For the past few years after the hospital visits I have installed a contraption called The Clake 2 which incorporates a rear brake and clutch on the same lever that I can operate with one finger for each function. It really is the mutts nuts and haven't been in the hospital since!
So as you can see this is where my concerns are. I'm only really talking about off-road where my clutch has saved my bacon on numerous occasions. I have visions and bad memories of standing on the pegs riding over technical terrain, a big hit, throttle is inadvertently applied too much and there's no clutch to control the power. Now maybe my off-road level of riding is a bit better than novice and I should have went for the manual box, however the reviews with the DCT are fantastic. I like progress with technology and anything that makes the ride easier translates into more fun for me, so I'm not afraid to give it a go.
Anyone had the DCT on technical terrain (I'm not talking about Erzberg or anything like that) and had any regrets not having a clutch?
I believe there are plans in the pipeline for a rear brake lever option which is going to be one the shorlist.

I've got a similar dirt bike background and I'd never run a bike without a clutch on highly technical trails. But I don't plan anything extreme like that for the AT and the DCT works great on non-technical dirt, ie dirt roads and easy trails, especially in manual mode. No worries about stalling, instant shifts without messing around with a toe shifter and clutch.

Regarding the rear brake, a Japanese owner has already figured out what normal brake pad fits on the parking brake (replacing the thin parking only pad) and modded his PB lever so he can use it as a hand brake as well as a parking brake.

2016 Tricolor DCT
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I have a MANUAL AT nowadays but had 4 years on a DCT Crosstourer before it. I do miss the DCT and can say I used to ride it almost exclusively in MANUAL MODE say 95% of the time!!! D and S modes still allow the gearbox to make unrequested gearchanges for you but in MANUAL it only went down to a lower gear IF you slowed towards an engine stalling speed.

The best things about using DCT in manual mode are the seamless gearchange at full throttle and my all time favourite was the AUTO BLIP of the throttle if you change to a lower gear slightly too soon. This feature might not have made it to the DCT AT because it has a slipper clutch but on the much heavier CT it was very good at keeping the rear wheel from locking up after a slight mistake by the over enthusiastic rider!!!

A short clip of full throttle acceleration with DCT in MANUAL MODE


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I posted this in another thread: To DCT or not to DCT, that is the question.

I got the DCT because it seemed that the overwhelming reviews I watched and read said that for the intermediate/advanced riders the DCT was the choice at the end of the day and only the pro riders stayed with the manuals for the off road stuff. As I'm more in the intermediate camp it seemed like a good idea. You don't have to play with friction points or keep track of what gear your in (even with an indicator I'm still always counting in my head), with the DCT you instead get to focus more on terrain, throttle input and balance. I've ridden some wide single track, some mud, some gravel roads and it's been amazing.

The 'hard' part is figuring out what setting combo works for you depending on your terrain. So for gravel I ride S2, G, Abs off, TC 1. Suits my riding style right now well and the bike does everything I would normally be doing with a manual shifter. I don't use the paddle shifters too often or manual mode too often either. I usually just upshift manually if S2 is hanging onto a gear and my gravel or dirt road is just a straight for a while.

On the street I usually keep it in D (60mpg ftw) unless Im putzing around town then I'll stay in S1 or S2.

Where DCT really shines is the slow speed maneuvers. I took a local MSF advanced rider course a few weeks ago and the rest of the class were amazed at how easily I went through the exercises. Only having to focus on throttle control when doing sharp esses, wide staggered slaloms, or figure eights makes the bike so much easier to handle. I came away from that class with a perfect score and looking like I had been on the bike for years when in actuality it wasn't until the end of that class that I really started to feel comfortable on the bike.

DCT wont make you forget how to ride a manual bike. Decades of riding just makes that a muscle memory that won't go away so I'm not worried about that. I am worried that my next bike might not be DCT though...the technology is so good I don't want to ride anything else again unless I have to.
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Originally Posted by Superhatch View Post
DCT wont make you forget how to ride a manual bike. Decades of riding just makes that a muscle memory that won't go away...
And the problem with decades of muscle memory (in my case anyway) is that in a blind panic situation it takes over. And that was why although I set out to get the DCT, and was awesomely impressed by it, I chickened out at the last minute and got the manual. I'd like to share my main reason and see what you guys think:

Many years ago I was on an RG500. I was exiting a corner and just getting on the power when the engine seized. Without even thinking, acting purely on instinct and muscle memory, I stood the bike up the bike up, throttled off, clutch and braked. The whole thing took less than a second I'd say, and saved my ar$e without a doubt. Now how would I go on a DCT in some unforeseen panic situation: throttle off, clutch...er, no clutch...$hit...what now...kill switch??...
And to me, that second or two could be the difference between "phew" and "splat".

Muscle memory is one of those things that comes with repeated practice, and it is also one of those things that seperate the experienced rider from the novice. But sometimes - as in my case with DCT - it can work against you...even if it's only in your (my) head.
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with the slipper clutch would the rear wheel lock up in that situation?
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