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Totally agree! I've had 14 some odd bikes (w/ gears), been riding 30 years and this thing is just pure fun. And it feels faster to me than the manual version.
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Because I use my new bike for communing every day I bought a DCT version. I think it is more relaxing riding.
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I did a load of research on the DCT, and the reviews in the main were all in favour of it over the manual. My VFR was a manual, and I couldn't find a DCT to test ride. So a complete leap of faith.

I haven't looked back. It is just brilliant. Drive mode is a bit like eco-mode - it will change up as quickly as it can, and can feel like it's a gear or two high at slow speeds. Around town it can be in 6th at 30mph. But the engine copes perfectly - just feels like you want to be a gear lower sometimes... which is where the Sport modes come in. Put it into Sport 1 and it feels perfect (to me). Changes gear exactly as I would, when I would. Want to drop down the gears to engine brake coming up to a roundabout? Just override via the paddle shifter on the left grip. Simples. Roll on the throttle out of the roundabout / bend etc, and it holds the gear depending on how aggressively you are rolling the throttle, then seamlessly shifts up.

I thought I'd be bored. Far from it. Somehow it just makes the whole experience more engaging. I've ridden in Sport 2 for a bit, and it is just that little bit to 'revvy' for me. Sport 3 is just bonkers. One for the twisties me thinks when keeping up / overtaking your mates on sports bikes

The only negative (and it is a real minor thing) is at v low speed. There is no clutch to slip (obviously), so it is a question of being gentle on the throttle and feathering the back brake. It works just fine - just different.

Seriously - I've never grinned so much in 25 yrs of riding bikes.
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Almost bought an AT a month or so ago, but after reading this glad I decided to wait until next year as the DCT will only be available next year in South Africa. I wasn't quite convinced, but now I know which one I will order.

Just a thought, I wonder how guys are going to struggle (or not) 20 years from now when they try to restore what will definitely then be a classic.
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Originally Posted by sinclair View Post
Because I test rode a DCT and it shifts quickly and smoothly. I like the idea of not having to feather the a clutch when riding steep rocky terrain. Then again, I AM old and pretty lazy... maybe the best thing about DCT is riding across town with one hand holding the Starbucks...
Starbucks! Love it!! That's one for the + side of the equation:

I did a 14KM test ride in October and that was enough to convince me – got my AT/DCT last Friday.
Btw I’m an intermiate to beginner Off-Roader and hope to improve this standing with the AT/DCT in the coming seasons. I ride about 25,000 KM /Annually – And plan to increase my off-road time now that I have the AT, mostly for camping and fishing trips to begin, towards getting skill set up for doing The Great Divide Trail in the near to not to far future.
What I hope to like about DCT so far:
1. Daily Commuter in DCT in Traffic I expect will be awesome – Should eat up those stinking downtown potholes too as a bonus

2. Not feathering the clutch on Technical Off-Road Segments and NEVER STALLING – PRICELESS
a. Spend more thought on your line of entry and exit strategy
b. Easier to shift when Standing UP (Manual Mode)

3. Freeing up the left hand for:
a. Starbucks
b. GPS controls
c. Go-Pro controls
d. Snapping Pictures
e. Finding stuff in your Tank Bag (i.e.: camera, glasses, toll change, passport, water, charging cables, etc..) on the fly
f. When having those Intimate moments between “biker to cager” after being cut off or nearly killed in dangerous manoeuvres – i.e. one finger salutes

Dreaming of the Next Long Ride Adventure
"SLIVER" : Smaller, Slender and Sharper motorcycle!
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
If you own a AT DCT and have been riding for a long time (10 yrs+), why did you decide on the DCT over manual?

The DCT was created to draw in new riders/beginners. Essentially it's like riding a scooter.

I'm just curious because I could never see myself doing away with the traditional manual. Then again I said the same thing about going from a manual car to an automatic. LOL But that's a whole different story.
That is not why it was created, nor is it to who it is marketed too.

I chose it because every review said it was better. When I rode them both the DCT was perfect. Now that I own it, I made the right choice for myself.

You meet the nicest people on a Honda
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I had the manual whilst my DCT was on order, I did 2000 miles on the manual and it was brilliant but DCT appealed to me from the start, I did a Honda marshalling day at my dealers and got to ride it several times and that won me over. I now have my DCT for two weeks And only rode it home from the dealer, after desalting it from the Dirty Scottish roads so it's parked up and protected for the winter months. I have a winter bike a trusty 20 year old CB500 and a car so I won't be back on it until next season. I have had a lot of issues with a sore clutch hand for many years so that was my main decision to replace a bike that I plan to do decent mileage on and long trips so that's were DCT will be at its best. But time will tell and I will post again once I can do a proper long term comparison. But what I will say is the manual is a brilliant bike.
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Really appreciate this thread, as I'm on the fence as to DCT or MT. I test rode a DCT and on the street is was fine. I could see where it could come in very handy in some situations, like inching along in a miles long traffic jam, or having to slam the brakes on hard without worrying about killing the engine. But as a long time off road rider, I do have concerns and since they won't let me thrash their demo in the boonies, I'll ask you guys...

1) I've feathered the clutch on my dirt bikes thousands of times. The clutch is a highly effective power modulator. How do the DCT bikes do when power sliding without the ability to slip the clutch in order modulate the power to the back wheel and maintain an even slide?

2) I keep thinking about single track sections where you come down a steep hill into a hairpin turn at the bottom, then climb right back up the steep hill. I this situation, the clutch can come in handy during the downhill to keep the back wheel from sliding from too much engine braking. In the tight turn at the bottom, slipping the clutch is needed to get the engine revved up enough to pull hard out of the turn and be ready to climb back up the hill. And when climbing, if the engine starts to come off the pipe and begins to bog, a quick slip of the clutch can break the back tire loose and let it spin back up into the power band. How does the DCT do in these situations?

3) As has been previously mentioned, the ability to loft the front wheel can be the quickest way over obstacles, or a way of avoiding drowning yourself or the bike in a water crossing, or just plain fun. When I rode the DCT AT, it would only do a roll-on wheelie in 1st gear. I'm betting the MT version could easily be coaxed into pulling one in 2nd gear with a bit of clutch work.

Forgive me if I'm way off base with the abilities of the DCT. Like I said, it was just a short street ride and the bike has zero break in miles. I'm here to learn.

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Umm, maybe because he's got a left leg off?
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Originally Posted by Zoney View Post
That is not why it was created, nor is it to who it is marketed too.

I chose it because every review said it was better. When I rode them both the DCT was perfect. Now that I own it, I made the right choice for myself.
Don't kill the messenger.

That comment was taken from one of Honda's engineer who was involved in the project.

I suppose we can always embellish the thought behind its true intent--nothing wrong with dreaming a little dream.
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