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Custom Seats??? Anybody making them?

It's time for me to start looking for a better touring seat for "Nellie" (my AT). The seat is fine for 2 or 3 hours but after that it gets a bit uncomfortable. Off road I can standup enough that it's not a problem but I don't think running down the road at 75+ standing up would be a good idea.

Russell Day Long makes good saddles but nothing yet for the AT. Corbin seats are known to be fairly hard and they say they need about 1000 miles to break-in. But they are expensive and my butt likes a little cushion. I saw one somewhere that has a shape more like a cruiser seat, broad at the back but still thin up front so you could standup and reach the ground when needed. If you know of any please let me know.

PS. Am I just an old fart with a skinny butt or do some of you also find it a little uncomfortable after some hours on the road?

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