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They are probably the worst tyres I have ever had on any motorcycle I have owned. Several times in the wet I nearly came off because of them. They would freely spin up in a straight line in the wet. The back wheel frequently locked up under braking in the wet and sometimes in the dry, with very little provocation. As a result my confidence in them was totally shot. I had a similar situation with Z8's on my previous NC 700, as did others. Z8's are normally good road tyres.

My assessment is totally borne out after I replaced them, well before they were worn out. I used Pirelli MT90's and all the issues disappeared overnight. No more bad moments with the Pirellis. Imho any replacement tyre would be better than these Dunlops. I use Trail Smarts on my Triumph and they are excellent tyres. For that reason I could not understand why the AT OEM Dunlops were so bad. I wrote to Dunlop Europe about the matter and they responded. They told me that the Trail Max's on the AT were specially made to specifications required by Honda. As such they are disowning the situation. Perhaps Honda should leave the Rubber spec to the experts and stick to what they do best. I am also thinking that the same situation probably pertained to the Z8's on my former NC700..........
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