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Originally Posted by Rockie View Post
Hi Burkey,I'm in the same boat of thought.Im waiting on my new AT and from Ireland worry about the oem tyres in the wet.My off roading will be little enough,mostly numerous type roads.I want to feel safe in heavy rain.let us no what u choose and what u bad are the factory tyres in wet conditions.any hairy moments.
Due to the traction control being more free it does give the illusion of less grip in the wet.

However, this i feel is not a flaw, it is the "off road" nature of the bike coming out, letting a little slip.

For example my bike before, a Honda VFR 800 Vtec, if the TC kicked in, it would pull all power until you release and back on, this one when on a bend it will hold the power so that it will keep the bike stable but if you want to back off you can.

However, in the mild damp, with full TC it means you can actually drift haha.

About 3 hours ago i drove home in the pissing rain through lanes for about 12 miles and i had one little "skip" from the rear under hard acceleration. However, i reckon simply diving a little more to the conditions i reckon the tyres would be pretty good. However, simply looking at the tyre the tread pattern does seem more aimed at drier conditions with the less rain channels.

I am almost certain those pirellis will be the front, and the Hidenaus for the rear, basically get a good set for the first set of tyres and see how they get on. They are more on the knobbly side other tyres i have seen have just been deeper tread road tyres.
If they do not dazzle, i will shop around for maybe some cheaper ones which are less severe on the pocket to replace like the ones mentioned above
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