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Hi guys
I would like to share my experience and opinions on a couple dual sport tires.
I rode Baja and copper canyon Mexico with tkc80s
As mentioned above, the tkc80s are only good for 5-6000 k on the street, but in my opinion they are a good off road tire, yet sticky enough to drag pegs on nice Tarmac.

I rode from Victoria British Columbia to Prudue Bay Alaska with Heidineau scout 60s.
We choose the Heidi's because of the reported durability. The round trip was about 12000k. The tires did indeed make the trip there and back, albeit a bit squared off in the back.
But BEWARE, the Heidineau tire are scarey on wet pavement. Never had tires the squirm around like the Heidineaus. Particularly on the painted lines.
The heidineaus longevity comes from a hard rubber compound. But that comes at the price of decent traction.
I'll be mounting TKC80s in the spring.

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