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Originally Posted by Shaba1 View Post
That is the official weight limit from Honda's literature. I am 200lb/91kg the girlfrien is "approximately" {She would kill me if i gave the real number) 120lb/54kg. That would leave 64lb/29kg for luggage gear and gas when we go two up camping.

I am not going to carry my whole apartment and I know from backpacking that every ounce/gram counts. But that still seems like a slight amount when you consider the weight of alum luggage itself. And i am definately going with the alum Givi or SW-Motech luggage. I live in a big city and there are some thieving people here. I know nothing is going to stop a thief if he/she is really determined but I want to make it as hard as possible.

Oh well looks like you'll need to leave something at home

Only joking but what I think you may need, most people call it suspension improvements.
Simple, if you don't want to damage the bike on a fall, fit crash bars.
If you want to carry more weight fit heavier springs, then you wont have to worry about breaking things, and enjoy your riding.

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