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Just sold my AT and bought a GS...why?

The AT can tour no problem and is very flickable in the twisties. I imagine it is good off road too, but I never tried it on the loose stuff.

Reasons I swapped it for the GS:-

1. The GS is better for pillion passengers
2. I found the AT a little under powered and was thrashing it everywhere. Fine for a weekend thrash but a bit tiring on longer tours.
3. Heated grips crap on the AT, brilliant on the GS
4. Front suspension dive under breaking is alarming, prefer the electronic suspension on the GS.
5. GS has integrated sat nav, adjustable screen, cruise control and electronically adjustable suspension. AT has none of these.

So there you have it, the GS is simply better at longer touring trips, especially two up with luggage, where the AT really struggles.

For general riding though, weekend blasts and short tours, the AT takes some beating for the money! Depends on your needs - and the depth of your pockets!

I really liked the Tri-Colour scheme of the Honda and was able to replicate it on my R1200GS Iconic. Here she is....

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