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It's funny because it's the electronics that our friend above likes about the GS are part of the reason that I don't like it that much.
I've had the same with the Multistrada and Triumph's and I felt a bit disconnected to them.
The tiger 800 I felt had a great charismatic engine, but the power delivery of the AT is more fun for sport touring (and wheelieing).

Coming trough a slow hairpin in 1ste gear, scrapping the footpeg and than lifting the front wheel, flicking it in 2nd keeping the front wheel up, just to arrive at the next bend with the same grin as you had when entering the las corner...
I have to say, I can't complain about the 'sport' aspect in 'sport touring' with the AT.

Probably if you'd buy a GS or Tiger it would give you the same grin on your face at some point.
So go out for a test ride and feel if it speaks to you.
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