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Originally Posted by Fster View Post
I am seriously considering doing the TAT. My concerns are, I will be doing it alone, I will be doing it on a big heavy bike (my AT) and my final concern is my age (57). I have been riding a motorcycle now for 47 years and consider myself above average but have not been on a dirt bike for a very long time now and I am new to this adventurer thing. A big concern is getting into some ruff stuff dropping the AT and not being able to pick it up. I will not have time to do the whole thing but I would like to make it to the Colorado border (about 1900 miles) then slab it for home. I'd like to hear from others who have done the trail and what they think about doing it alone on a big bike. I have done many long trips on the road but none on the trail so I think I'm just looking for some encouragement to tackle something like this.
Hi Fster:
I have no doubt you will be able to do it! We are in about the same 'bracket'. I would strongly suggest, what other guys are also saying, to practice the pick up technique. It is a technique.
I rode GSA's for many years and had to pick up a couple of time. If you can get a tool to help and a good technique you will be fine. Also, having a set of crash bars on the bike will assist because it changes the angle that you have to lift.

It is always wiser to have a riding buddy with you on a extreme type of ride. You will be fine..

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