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I'm a fan of the Mitas E07s. While I've not used them on my AT, I did on my Super Tenere. I found they provided excellent traction in all but the worst off-road conditions (slick mud, that would be impassable on any tire). They last a long time.

A note those. My E07s center block did not have a wear bar on them. The center blocks went down to the carcass. I notice the newer ones have a center wear bar. I call them a wear bar but they seem to be pretty tall and in my mind there is still quite a bit of miles left on them. I would imagine once it wears to that point they might be slick like the heidenaus on wet pavement.

My only couple nits with them was the transition between upright and leaned over. Unlike more round profile tires it did feel there was a transition point from upright to leaned over. Not a big deal, not sudden, but something I noticed. Also the front end feel was a bit numb on-road. Not bad, but it does remind me of the AT on the stock Dunlop front tire.

I think if I was taking a long trip, I'd opt for the Mitas.
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