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Thoughts on the best dual purpose front tyre?

Now that we've had these Twins for awhile, I'm wondering what every ones collective thoughts are around the best dual sport front tyre.

I have a Mitas E07 and it has been fairly good, although it has a vague feeling on the road in the twisties and when it gets muddy, it struggles as it isn't a knobbie.

My thoughts are next time I'd consider the following rears - Mitas E07, Motoz Tractionator GPS or even a Shinko 805.

With the first two options, you will get heaps of miles out of the rear, the last option gives you more dirt performance, however reports say they are pretty good on the road too. All be it, they don't last as long.

With the aim to have dirt performance and grip on the tar, I know some say the TKC 80 is king. It is often mounted with other combos on the rear.

Has anyone else mixed up tyre combos and what are your thoughts?



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