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IMO, based on your statements, I think you'll do better with the V-Strom. I love my AT, but I ride 50% of the time off-road on technical stuff. I have to agree with reviewers when it comes to the on-road ability/capabilities of the AT. I have a roadracing background and find the on-road manners of the AT to be "okay". When the AT gets pushed hard on-road, front-end feel gets vague compared to the Super Tenere and XCx I previously owned.

On occasion, I ride with a guy with an older V-Strom (I'm not sure of the size as I'm not real familiar with the V-Strom line) and when we do forest service roads, fire roads, and dirt roads, it does just fine. These aren't necessarily smooth or maintained either.

I think you'll be happier with a bike thats more street oriented...

Originally Posted by LumirB46 View Post
So after 9 years with a BMW 1200RT (couple second bikes in this time span as well), I got bored and need a change. I do not go on multi day trips any more, just a day or half day joy rides, and I am 70 as well..
I had the opportunity to test ride Africa Twin, great handling, great suspension, great engine. Not so great wind protection and overall ride comfort. I plan to ride 95% paved roads with occasional hard packed forestry road in between. However, here in New Brunswick the secondary and tertiary country roads are in terrible shape, lots of badly filled potholes and bumps of various nature. I wonder how the new 2018 Vstrom 1000 with fully adjustable front would handle that. Its 16/16 cm front/rear travel is pretty short of 23/22 cm travel on Africa Twin, but still...?
It seems to me that the AT with its off-road character might be an overkill for my needs and VStrom might give me more ride comfort. Any thoughts/comments on that?
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