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Originally Posted by bart de mare View Post
Hello all,

I'm riding my AT for 10 days now. A Rally Red one, with side panners, a centre stand, a Honda alarm and of course the "real" gearbox. (I'm too old for a computer-clutch thing, and I'm convinced that no computer shifts better I do... :-) )
Anyway, this is a fantastic bike. Herefore I had a super Ténéré 1200, and many other all-roads. This one is far the best.
But.... the original heated grips.... with the green flashing led.... does anyone uses them too? I have the impression that they don't heat unless in mode 1.... Even though this winter is extremely soft, I have cold hands all the time... Anyone else?
I tested one on Saturday with full touring pack more like a ripoff pack ,but the salesman told me the heated grip don't get very hot,he told me he had them on his bike and could not tell they were on,,,,,hopr this helps I take delivery of mine on the 18thfeb I did order the full adventure pack but after testing the bike the extras were crap and over priced
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