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My local TT guys had the small version of the bag, I did a spot fit and it fits well. The scratch proof area fits nicely. And it doesn't interfere with the seat.
I didn't buy it because it was too small. Waiting for the large one which hopefully will be next week.
TT started shipping "some" stuff to dealers to display etc. and the guys I'm dealing with are trying really hard to get me my order of bars and rear plate. So much so that they will be giving me their shop unit to use as I need them for a tour next week. They only have one more set of everything to arrive the week after.

Also, on that note - I have installed the TT side stand base extension. I must say, very disappointed, the mounting was bent and the bracket became loose after only a week. Took it back to them and they said it'll be replaced and he reported it to TT on the phone right away saying bad quality issue. Hopefully the second set will be better.
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