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Originally Posted by OffTrack View Post
I'm actually very interested in what route you'll be going with this as well. I'm like 5'3" so you can imagine my struggles
Yes I am about that as well, pretty happy with the bike now. It was OK with the low seat but the 15mm+ just removed is really useful when I am stopped especially if the ground is not flat. The seat height on mine is now just under 800mm which is the same as my earlier bikes.

The reason I wanted some extra lowering was that this bike is fairly heavy, no problem at anything above walking pace but I wanted to be sure of my footing when stopping especially after a couple of occasions where I ended up on a non flat bit of road and holding a lot of weight and then having to start off from an awkward position.

Obviously this sort of bike is always going to be more tricky for short people like me but I think I have now lowered mine sensibly without losing too much of its clearance. For me its now a better bike.
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