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Originally Posted by simonypvs View Post
Sorry Chaps,

I forgot about this post

UPDATE: The AT went to FW Develpoments for the week as planned but there is a bit of an issue with the design of the Power Commander.

The connectors that need to be used to link the system up to the injector system are unlike any that FW have ever seen.

They have done all the measurements for the design but they will have to get the electrical connectors made before it can be fitted.

The bike is (as suspected) running lean on the closed loop and runs as standard 14.7:1. This is basically the system that allows the bike to be Euro 4/5 compliant, most closed loop systems only operate at 10-20% throttle opening but the AT's closed loop operates up to 50% throttle openings.

They have produced an O2 eliminator and fitted it to the bike which eliminates the abrupt throttle response when a full system is fitted so the Lamba sensor on my bike is now disconnected and is redundant. Mine is now running at around 14:1 Air fuel ratio with a much better/softer throttle response.

FW are off to support the Isle of Man TT for the next 3 weeks so (hopefully) the connectors should have been produced by the time they get back.

As usual when trying to do something for the first time there are lots of small issues that rear their ugly head that no one has plenned for.

Again I will update when I have some more news.

The bike is now producing a genuine 93.7 BHP at the back wheel but I did not get the torque figures from them. The bike as standard is producing 88bhp so you can assume that fitting a Full system, in my case Termi and the O2 sensor gives a 5bhp increase in power

All the best

Thanks for the report, and for being the pioneer.

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