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Originally Posted by scotsy View Post
I am in the position of being stuck with my AT hoisted in the air and still unable to get this shock out.

When it says "remove the preload knob" are you literally meaning just the knob at the end that seems held on by a cross-head screw (leaving the shaft in situ)
or does the whole shaft and knob come away from the shock body?

It seems impossible to get out from where it is?

Currently waiting for a mate to arrive and together we can try this lifting and twisting method but i really need to know about this pre-load knob as i just don't see how it can help?



Yes it was just the knob we removed.

I know we twisted the shock round and we may well have moved the swing arm up and down during the removal as well.

I am not near my bike at the moment so sorry I cant be more help but we definitely did not remove the swing arm.
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