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Originally Posted by JCANALE View Post
I'm having the exact same problem with my Touratech Aventuro Mod... Frustrating!! My head starts vibrating from 70km/h and at 90km/h I cant see anything. I'm about 1.84 tall. Just bought the Batzen adjustable screen, but have not installed it yet, hoping to fix this, but probably just wasted my money, after reading this.

I hope Honda finds a fix, and provide it as a recall...
I am not sure what they would be fixing , this is something that will effect an individual rider based on height, helmet, speed , etc etc etc.
Nobody is going to fix anything.
I have just changed my screen over to the MRA touring screen and its like night and day in how much better it is for me. Most of the buffeting I was getting was on my shoulders so I wanted a much wider screen to move the air off my shoulders. But that said I still own the loudest helmet in the galactic universe the Bell MX9. It simply does not work with me and this bike. So you have to change things to make them work for you. Mr Honda does not have a personal fitting service, thats Harley Davidson.
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