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Originally Posted by kari4711 View Post
Hi all!

By the fact I couldn't post links as a newbie let's try it this way

Does anyone have some experience with this product?

Found on

"African Twin CRF1000L (2016-2017) Adjustable Lowering Kickstand Side Stand"

(I'm planning to lower my AT for -30mm (using Wilbers components) and by doing so I need a shortn/adjustable side stand too.)

Thx. for your help, gerhard
I have the soupy's adjustable sidestand, its work fine and is very well made but there are a couple of things that I don't like about it:
  • The foot is too small and does not give good support on softer ground, they do also make a foot extender thing but i don't have it.
  • The spring attachment does not look great to me however I have asked them about this and they are happy with the design, I have not had any problems with this but to me it doesn't not look very elegant.
  • I think its very ugly and does not complement the bike however other may well disagree.

There is another company in Australia (Kooztune) that make shorter stands in 2 sizes but they are not adjustable.

In summary it works OK and seems very strong but I don't really like it.
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