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jlogan47 11-03-2018 03:58 PM

Bumot, Jesse, or Touratech Zega?
Hi all,

It's time to decide on which panniers to get for my 2018 AT standard. I have narrowed the field to Bumot, Jesse and Touratech. Any and all observations, advise, etc would be appreciated. I have had prior experience with Jesse and Touratech panniers but not Bumot. Jesse quality has always impressed me and they have always done a good of tucking them in and creating a narrow profile. On the other hand Al Jesse is no longer there and the panniers have just been redesigned. I really like the the fact that Touratech is available in stainless. Bumot, while fairly new on the scene seems to be getting great reviews and I really like the available tool kit.
Any and all information would be appreciated as well as recommendations on which size panniers you got. TIA.

Macduff 11-03-2018 05:30 PM

I've had Jesses (on a GS1150Adv) and Touratech Zegas (on KTM1190Adv) never had Bumots but of the three i'd get Bumots (for an AT). Reasons? the Jesses are expensive (or were when I got them -back in 2002), Touratechs are wide !!! the frames arent cut to be close to the bike and the panniers have no cutouts for exhausts so it ends up as wide as bus .
Bumots never owned but they're on my list of should do accessories for my ATAS as theres a uk imported/reseller and (i think) they are cheaper and better looking than Jesses. If your on the same landmass where Jesses are made the cost issue maybe reversed?

jlogan47 11-03-2018 06:50 PM

I'm in US so the Bumot and Jesse panniers are pretty comparable with the Bumot being a bit cheaper. Touratech work out to be most expensive.

garyh 11-04-2018 02:55 PM

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I have the Touratech Zega Mundo panniersÖ basically, the Zega Pros without the plastic bumpers. I love them. I like the classic lookóclean, streamlined. And rugged as hẹll but lightweight.

First, to clear up a few things. I did my research and homework when choosing my panniers and:
1. The Touratech ZM panniers are just 39 inches wide at the back, thatís just one inch wider than the Bumot Defenders (38 inches) with similar sized cases. And the average for hard case pannier sets for the AT is anywhere from 38 in. to 42+in. depending on capacity. They are all pretty wide.
2. The Touratech Zega Mundo panniers are cheaper than the Bumot by about $50.

And there is a price to pay when the box has a cutout, like some do: it doesnít work as well as a seat or to support a table, etc.

I chose the 31/38-liter set. I plan to add 45-liter box and another 31-liter box (for an even narrower setup, with a 31L on both sides) in the future. But I find the 31/38 set plenty big for now and it seems well balanced, visually, on the bike.

The Zega Mundos are a great value. And I love the features. I did a write up in the Parts and Accessories sub-forum: ď2018 ATAS with Hepco & Becker Lower Engine Guards and Touratech Zega Mundo Panniers.Ē Öwith pictures:

I like the double-hinged systemócan be opened from either side. And the top is easily fully removed, opening both locks, while remaining secured to the box with a long braided wire that can be unscrewed for complete removal. And that same wire acts as a stop, allowing open hinging from either side. Pretty ingenious. I'm able to open the panns from my seated position easily. And one key works all four locks. The seal is very well designed with a deep lip--appears fairly dust and water proof.

And the mounting system is also clever and first rate without having to drill up through the rear fender. Touratech put a lot of thought into the mount design and make use of all the notches on the ATASóboth the two top notches and the one bottom notch each side. Combined with the rugged brace extended to the rear foot peg, itís a very solid system. And quiet as a mouseóno superfluous noise at all.

The panniers are attached to the brace with a strong puck-and-clamp system and are quickly and easily removed by turning two scalloped dials inside the box, so they cannot be removed without first opening the lid--pretty secure.

But mostly, I just love the classic look of the panniers. Very clean. Some of the panniers out there look like you're riding down the road with filing cabinets at your sides. And some look pretty heavy too. The Touratech Zega Mundos are robust and rugged but very lightweight as well. They give the bike a clean but tough and utilitarian look.

And lastly, I've had them on the bike for several hundred miles now and I can say I hardly notice them while riding. Even in heavy wind, the bike seems to behave the same. And at speed there is no problem whatsoever (but I havenít gone above 85MPH for very long). I can honestly say I havenít noticed a difference in the way the bike rides and handles with the panniers on vs. before installing them--at least in my daily travels, around town and at highway speeds, and even a few miles on gravel and hard-pack dirt. They add very little weight to the bike when not loaded up and don't seem to affect the balance at all.

Check out this review and test of seven different pannier manufacturers if you havenít seen it (lots of good information on the various brands all tested thoroughly): (starts at 41:42).

They tested the Zega Pros, and they did *very* well. However, I contend that if the Zega Mundos were tested (they werenít avail. then) they would have come out on top for Best Value (cheaper than the Bumots) and received an even better overall scoreóthe Pros got a point nicked off because of the plastic bumpers in the heat.

To each his own. But I couldnít be happier with my choice.

Iíve added a few additional pics, but more are at my original post linked above.

Good luck, man!


Edit - added pic from front so you can see that's it's really not that wide, overall. My bike is 33 inches wide from outside edges of bar bags up front. So the rear is just 6 inches wider.

jlogan47 11-05-2018 12:38 AM

Thanks so much, Gary, for taking the time to provide me with so much valuable information!

HockleyDS 11-05-2018 11:11 AM

I have the Bumot luggage (sides and top) installed.

All of the kit, to my eyes is top notch quality - everything aligns, everything feels extremely solid, and mounts well. I also have the Bumot bash plate, and this bombproof quality extends out to that as well. The boxes have friction hinges which is nice, as they stop where you leave them.

I've ridden with them through pouring rain, and no leaks. There are some nice options to them as well. For example, the racks can be ordered with an integrated matching keyset toolbox. The boxes have tie down points for extra stuff to be strapped to them. Inside the lids there is a strapping point to keep stuff stuck on the lids and to use that space.

For the pics - ignore the vstrom - that's the wifes.

HockleyDS 11-05-2018 07:03 PM

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With pics attached this time!

garyh 11-05-2018 07:32 PM

Looks nice, Hockley. And I like your bars and skid-plate too. Nice setup.


KiwiMark 11-05-2018 08:41 PM

I like my Bumot cases, though I've also heard good things about Jesse too.

I have the 40L/36L cases, the 45L/41L were bigger than I needed and I didn't think that I wanted quite so much width. It's pretty easy to take my panniers off and just use the top box for day trips, putting the panniers back on for longer trips. I like the black as it matches my Outback Motortek crash bars and the factory rims and other standard items that came in black.

I've since ditched the Givi Maxia E55 and replaced it with a Givi Trekker 58L top box, which looks much more the part on this bike.

yetiboy01 11-06-2018 03:53 AM

I cant believe how cheap the Tusk panniers are, between $400 & $430 USD for the panniers & racks depending on size, thats near what just pannier racks cost here in Australia, great review here of them getting totaly abused, even with frieght the whole set can be bought for just the price of one pannier here

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