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Originally Posted by danwray View Post
I was skeptical of this but the price was better than anything that mounts on the windshield, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I had previously just removed the peak from my helmet, but there were still some vibrations and buffeting. When this thing showed up I thought I had just gotten ripped off, it's so simple I was sure there was no way it could make any difference. I have to admit that I was wrong.

I noticed the difference immediately, but I reserved my judgement until I had a chance to open it up on a long stretch of road. The thing this does is simply clean the air up behind the shield. What I mean by that is, before I had to stand up to be in clean air. Once I was in it, the helmet reacted predictably, but without the vibrations or buffeting. After installing this, I noticed that the clean air was simply right at the transition over my head now. I can literally lift my chin and feel my visor scooping the air flowing over my head now, but there is still no buffeting or vibrations. It's pretty amazing to me, you really have to experince it to understand what a difference it makes. I know I sound like an infomercial, but I really just wanted to share that this was a cheap and effective solution to the main problem with aero that I was experiencing. Just make sure you know what you're getting. This does not eliminate the effect of crosswinds, or the disturbed air behind other vehicles. It simply eliminates the problem of dirty air that the bike itself creates behind the screen and makes the transition over the top of the windscreen where it reaches the rider smooth.

In short, if you are having issues with helmet vibrations, I highly recommend that you try this before anything else. I installed this with no other modifications to the stock screen and feel that I will not need anything else regarding this issue.
I am very happy to hear this. Thank you for this detailed review
BTW, I had a good laugh about the "infomercial"... your check is in the mail now lol

Originally Posted by Drif10 View Post
I bought one. It works. Looks clean.
Happy to hear that you like it. Thank you so much.

Originally Posted by zarafah View Post
Fitted mine yesterday,
Took a while to get over the final cost once I paid the packaging and the 17.40 import duty.....
Took it about 50 miles today and found no perceptible differences. Bit upset.

I am sorry to hear that you didn't feel an improvement on your bike. This is not typical, most Africa Twin riders love the Forkshield and notice directly a big difference on their ADV helmet. So may I ask how tall you are and what helmet do you use? Also one more thing. Like Danwray wrote in his review above, the Forkshield can't reduce any crosswinds. So on a very windy day it is often harder to notice the improvement, because the wind from the side can still shake the helmet.

Originally Posted by JCANALE View Post
Already ordered mine...

Great idea, well developed!!!
Thank you

Originally Posted by Robbin Groot View Post
if you ship them to europe will there be extra costs like customs clearance?
Thank you for your request. If you order it just using my Paypal-Link, then unfortunately there will be extra costs like custom clearance or taxes for most countries once the item arrive. These costs varies depending on your country. I think for Germany it is about 13-14 Euro if I remember this right. I lived just 10Km from the Netherlands boarder and know that in general taxes and fees are higher there than in Germany for example. So I would assume that the fees would be maybe around 16-18Euro.

Therfore even if I have to pay the Ebay fees I highly recommend every non-US customer to order via Ebay:

eBay uses a "Global Shipping Program". We just sent the item with priority mail (fast & secure) to a eBay Hub in Kentucky. From there eBay forwards it to everywhere around the globe. Therefore they usually also get better shipping rates. AND eBay also already takes care of the customs. During checkout they directly charge you not only for shipping, but also for every country specific import charges. This way it is "out of the way" and you don't need to take care of this later when the package arrives in your country. And since with eBay the custom are already cleared, they deliver it to your door. Otherwise the package can get stuck at customs for clearance and you have maybe to wait longer.

Originally Posted by SWRapp View Post
I just ordered one for my 2017 DCT Red, White, Blue coming 1st week of April. I'll have this part before I have the bike! Thank you!
Thank you and congrats on your new bike. You will love it !!!
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