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You are right it is both poor from Honda and important for me not to let the experience diminish my riding joy. The frustrating thing is that when I contacted Honda they said if I had reported the fault within 30 days of registration I could have rejected the bike. Unfortunately, my unfortunate incident in the car meant the bike sat until I was fit to ride and that's when I found the faults which were clearly there from factory to dealer.

When I pointed this out to Honda customer care Uk, I was advised it is my responsibility to check the bike for defects and report them within the 30 days and as I hadn't done this my right to reject the back had passed. A lesson learned.

Even though we buy brand new from premium manufacturers the onus is on the bloke left with the keys in his hands to make sure he's getting what he's been promised in the condition a brand new bike should be presented in.
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