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AT-Dragon 04-19-2019 07:43 PM

Downriver area (Detroit)
Hi from Wyandotte, Michigan new to the AT (picking it up next weekend) still riding my 2014 KLR650 till then. Been riding for a year or two. Started with a snowmobile at 6 years old (Iím 53 now) then go carts and mini bikes till 8yo them my first real bike (lol one that had a clutch and gears) a Honda XR75 then various dirt bikes, 3 wheeler (remember those things) and quads till 2014 when I decided to go with my first beast of burden (my current bike) a KLR650. Now that leads me to the brand new one on order, a 2018 AT Adv sport DCT which I got @ $13,985.00 out the door, hopefully not bad, at least for around here.

MTU52 04-20-2019 09:57 AM

Hey Dragon, similar story to myself! Just purchased an ATAS as well in the SE Michigan area. This is my first 'big boy' motorcycle but grew up on ATV's and the like. Now just need to find some where close to our area to get off pavement...

AT-Dragon 04-30-2019 08:10 PM

Any other SE Mich. riders out there?

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