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bownetheclown 04-27-2019 10:54 PM

Future AT rider
My name is Don. I live in Tumwater WA. I am a millwright. Welding and fabrication is my work history. Looking @ purchasing a 2018 AT. Any input on this bike would be appreciated. Good or bad. Liking the looks. Want to know more about bike itself. Thanks Don.

MildlyInterested 04-28-2019 02:24 AM


Originally Posted by bownetheclown (Post 302839)
Liking the looks. Want to know more about bike itself.

Welcome Don. If you did buy it, what were you thinking of using it for? Local rides, solo touring, touring with a pillion, gravel roads...?

bownetheclown 04-28-2019 02:58 AM

Weekend get a ways with my wife on the back. To work and back on nice days. Short cuts over the hills when possible. No long runs at first. Thanks for the attention.

harleywilma 04-28-2019 06:17 AM

2 up is really uncomfortable, I have the ATAS, any more than 2 hours solo and my arse is numb as ****.

bownetheclown 04-29-2019 11:54 PM

Another person said the same thing. is who he recommended. Few hundred bucks. He says no more soare butt! Ride till the tanks empty.

Mr Biker 05-01-2019 09:31 PM

Take one for a test ride and you'll want one,i took out a 2016 DCT model for a few hours and was instantly impressed,just over1yr later when the time was right i pulled the trigger and went for a 2018 Adventure Sport DCT,i still keep sneaking into the garage to stare at it,it's the 270 degree parallel twin engine,it just sounds fantastic and has a torque delivery like nothing ive had before.


bownetheclown 05-19-2019 08:48 AM

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Well I broke down and bought it. The black AT. So far 50 miles on it. Modified a few things, built a couple things, plan on purchasing a few things that are cheaper to by than hassle with making. Thanks for inputs. Don. Here are some picts.

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