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Red face Heed Crash Bars and SW Motech skid plate

As a former race car chassis fabricator and long time bike builder I always try not to reinvent the wheel. When I needed crash bars for my 2017 Africa Twin I looked at many pics of all the bars out there and made a educated decision which one looked right and gave me the best bang for the price. Hence i ended up with Heed crash bars. They arrived from Poland or some eastern European country that I may never have heard of, but hey, they are not from a mass production facility with no quality control in China.
They were packaged by some Psycho who's life must depend on them arriving with no damage. You are more likely to damage them unpacking them than if the box was dragged to the U.S behind a truck. I found the bars to not only be high quality, but thumbs up to the engineer who came up with the design. Very well thought out, easy to install and they provide protection everywhere I need. I further installed a SW Motech skid plate which I also felt gave me superior strength and coverage. The combination of both the Heed Bars and the Motech skid plate gave me full coverage. Note: The skid plate has to be notched on the lower left rear fastening point for the crash bars. I did it with a band saw and a 4" hand grinder.
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