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Originally Posted by playinatwork View Post
How much power can we pull from that plug up front on the ATAS Shedracer? Do you know what size fuze it has?

Sorry canít answer that, Iím certainly no expert, when it comes to electrics. All I can say, I have a TomTom 550 powered and a live feed for my Denali D2 switch gear, the actual D2ís are powered from the battery, via an Eastern Beaver 3 circuit solution, so I guess the power consumption from my gps and switch, arenít a great amount. As I said, Jonathan at RR was a huge help and he would more likely be able to answer your question. All I know, is the new bike has quite a few differences in the wiring harness. When I get time, Iíll add a few photos of how Iíve wired things up, on the new 2018 bike, if your interested.
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