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Hopefully this will help you Deltabi, but also those who may want to connect the Denali lights.

First thing I’d like to point out, some of the wire colours are not as expected, I only had a few rolls of wire at home, so used what I had available at the time. I used the Honda OEM “Y” accessory cable, connected it to the ATAS power accessory connector behind the instruments. I also used the OEM connectors for connecting up the cables to the Y cable, all from Jonathan at RR.

As can be seen, I also used a single cable Superseal connector and a double superseal connector, for the full beam trigger wire and the Honda OEM fog light switch. I made my own wire harness for the fog light switch, gps extension cable and the main Denali 3 wire harness, upto the OEM Honda Fog light switch.

The new 2018 bikes nolonger have a full beam wire in the power accessory plug behind the instruments, if it had, the wiring solution for the Denali, would of been a lot easier and neater. The new bikes only have a live, earth and a fog light wire, to activate the fog light symbol in the dash, when switched on.

I had to find a full beam trigger wire, Jonathan sent me a wiring diagram for the 2016/17 bikes, but this demonstrated the differences in the 2018 bikes over the 2016/17 bikes. I couldn’t find a full beam wire using the 2016/17 wiring diagram, but luckily, after much searching, I eventually found one. Looking at the photos, just above the snorkel tube for the airbox, there are two block connectors, a black one and a grey one, now look up further to the area where the indicator light mounts, there’s a black block connector. I unraveled the plastic protective cover and found a Blue wire, stripped back to the bare wire and soldered on a wire, heat shrank it and put back the protective cover. This was my full beam trigger wire, which I then used a superseal connector, to connect to the Denali wiring harness. (Jonathan has since produce a new wiring diagram for the 2018 bikes).

The OEM Honda Fog light switch was used, I cut off the standard plug, and used a superseal connector instead. I also soldered a wire onto the blue wire, to run that upto the Y cable, to activate the fog light symbol in the dash, when the Denali’s are switched on.

Jonathan’s new wiring diagrams for the 2018 bikes, was very helpful. I’m a complete novice when it comes to electrics, but I managed to crimp connectors, solder and make my own wiring harnesses, it may not be to a professional standard, but if I can do it, anybody can.

Hope this helps anybody that’s thinking of fitting the Y cable, or auxiliary lighting to the 2018 bikes.
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