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Africa Twin Induced Handlebar OCD

Hello everyone,

I realigned my handlebars after purchasing my 2017 as they were skewed to the right. Common problem apparently from how certain models were shipped.

To look at the bars, they are aligned with the caps of the forks when the bike is stationary.

However, I have noticed at highway speeds that they don’t always look straight. Sometimes they look off to the right (right bar closer to rider) even when I think I’m riding straight.

Other times, they look straight at highway speed when I’m going straight.

So, seeing as I’ve never had to think about misaligned bars with any other bike I’ve owned (aside from dirt bikes) my OCD has taken grip and I need to figure out why this seems to be the case.

Could road camber cause the bars to look off when riding in a straight line? Ie. am i countersteering a little bit to counter road camber on some roads?

Am I fighting the wind causing the bars to look off when going in a straight line?

Am I the only person who thinks about this? I love my AT but sometimes it causes me unnecessary stress lol.

Thanks for reading,
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