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I went through the same thing. I actually had my dealer generate a factory investigation because MY OCD had me convinced that the upper clamps were misdrilled during manufacturing.
The dealer tech looked at bikes on the showroom floor and found every bike had misaligned bars. Turns out the bar mounts are elastomerised, the threaded bits run through big rubber bushings in the top clamp. the holes have lots of wiggle room.
Turn the forks to full lock and give the bars a hearty torque filled tweak in the direction need to correct the offset. If no go, lossen the 17mm nuts on the bottom of the bar mounts, give them a twist in the corrective direction. Retorque nuts.
I've got my mounts as tight as I can get them and I still have too much play. Just turning the bars while sitting on the bike will tweak the alignment. I've got Rox Risers with elastomeric mounts that have 2" more height than OEM. This puts more leverage on the factory mounts.
I'm now considering hard mounting the bar mounts to remove that wiggle room with the rubber bushings. the Rox Risers give me all the vibration isolation I need. The slop in the bar alignment bugs the tar out of me. Swapping the bushings for big stainless washers hopefully will allow me to fix the bar mount issue.
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