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I used to believe that the Honda Varadero was a difficult bike to service when it came to air filter change and valves clearance check....welll, until i purchased the ATAS and installed the OEM fog light's switch, and had to remove all those fairings.

In any case, for a trained person (and specifically a honda mechanic) should be some 15-20 minutes top to remove all the fairings; Let's assume another 10 for the gas tank ... valve check is 1/2 hrs job.

The 7-8 hrs needed are simply becasue the engine must be cold for checking the valves. Ideally, the bike must be let to cool down completely. Each time I would have the valves cheched, I would let the bike to the workshop overnight.

Bad thing with US and UK (and I pressume other countries as well) is that you pay by the hour; this is not the case in Greece.

A typical service on my Varaderos, including oil, oil filter, brake fluid, coolant change, K&N filter cleaning and valve check would cost me no more than 150-160 Euros. Best thing, I am with the bike all the time (ok, the mechanic is a good friend, but the costs are cross checked with other as well).

Just for oil change (filter included) the cost is 50Euros.

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