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The Honda interval for valves is rather conservative, and I mention this having experienced a number of Hondas over the years. I would tend to check valve clearances on the AT every 48000km, and this is what I am planning to do with my bike, which now has 28000ml/45000km.

In fact, I doubt the inlet valves will need any adjustment given they are shim-type, these valve types may need a shim change at 100000km but rarely before. On the other hand, the outlet valves use screw-locknut adjusters and these need typically more frequent adjustment e.g. every 36-48000km in my Transalp 650. But in my experience, outlet valves tend to open up rather than close down, and it is closing down by largish gap that may have harmful effects to the engine (burnt valve etc).

I will report what I will find for my valves at 48000km but I believe that doing the valves every 48000km is fairly safe in this engine. And as always, you pays your money etc.
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