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Originally Posted by Squirrelly View Post
I'm beginning to like it here....

I'm chopping in my 2015 Tiger 800 XCx for a 2018 manual AT which is being delivered next week.
I removed a pair of Triumph LED fogs from the Tiger to sell on eBay but just read this thread.

I'm thinking if I buy a bracket from Rugged Roads
I could use the Tiger LEDs?

Can I take;

1. A 5A fused feed from the battery to a Rugged roads OEM Honda fog light switch then directly to the lamps?


2. Would it be better to feed directly from a switched terminal on a PC8 directly to the lamps so always on when ignition is on?

Is option 2 legal in the UK?

Also, can you buy a PC8 in the UK?

Ideas? Advice?
You will have to buy the PC8 direct from Eastern Beaver in Japan - easy enough to do, just look him up on the internet. He makes a specific kit for the AT. I think the kit for the 2018 bikes is different fro the earlier ones.
I have bought the Honda switch ,but I'm not looking forward to removing all the plastic panels to get at the back of the switch blank.
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