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simon penfold
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Firstly have to say I love the At, bought new in 2016 and covered about 16,000miles. However the bike finish is no where near as good on previous Honda's I have had.
Here is a list of things to date:
*ECU replaced - bike lost drive would not select gears.
*Set switch sticking
* Rusty spokes and wheels (two rears and one front)
* Centre stand -recall for faulty clip.
Above done under warranty.

Frame rust on front down section and left hand side around welds.
Corrosion and flaking paint on engine - this only on the silver section.

These were raised as warranty issue but no action from Honda. Dealer did touch up with paint sent to them by Honda - do looks to be common.

Looking to take up with Honda.

Bike definitely looks to be built down to a budget or Very poor quality control.
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