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And surely the other point that needs making is that the fuse (a piddly 2amp by the way) is buried behind all that plastic. So if you do blow it while you are out on a tour you’ve got a **** of a job to replace it. And also, I think my iPhone which is also my satnav needs 2.5 amps for fast charging (but probably wouldn’t blow the fuse by attempting to draw that much)
Many of us have fitted eastern Beaver harnesses under the seat (so the fuses are accessible). Mine currently has my Koso grips, my warmnsafe pigtail, and the 12v socket running off it. The kosos and socket are on the two switched outputs and the warmnsafe plug is on permanent. That way I can use that pigtail for a battery optimiser (but haven’t had to so far in 2 years)
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