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From user Onetime39

Hey all, I took my 2016 manual AT in to the dealer for the hard starting issue. 1700 miles and was getting harder to start 40-55F weather. Throttle Position Sensor was the problem. The dealer told me this is what Honda told them to do. The fix is simple, turn the key on and wait for the

screen to display the CRF symbol and turn ignition off. Hold down the starter button and throttle open all the way open for 5 seconds and this resets the TPS. This has fixed my hard starting issue and no problems since then.
1) I don't think the US models have the HISS system/indicator in the gauge cluster so that procedure didn't work for me

2) however, I attempted it anyway and the bike didn't fire up in its first attempt

3) I attempted Sundodger's suggestion and same as above

4) I tried my procedure (gave it a couple turns before display) then it fired up on both attempts. Not completely convinced my method works because Sundodger's method may have played a part. To be sure, I'll try my method tomorrow morning.

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