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Originally Posted by Petros Galiatsis View Post
I had a discussion with my mechanic for the heavy duty tubes. His son is a motocross competition rider, so he has a very solid view on this matter and he also owns an ATAS as well...

He told me that the heavy duty tubes are a must for competition where the pressures re pretty low and the hits against obstacles that may tear apart a normal tube, are inevitable. BUT, if it would come to the case of stepping on a nail, the heavy duty tube will get a nice puncture as the normal one would.

He definitely do not suggest it for normal use for the following reasons:

1. they do NOT prevent punctures of the type we would encounter in normal riding.
2. they are a PITA for installation/fix
3. They are super heavy, affecting the gyroscopic phenomenon
4. They tend to run hotter.

after holding the tubes in hand , it seems like an extra (thin) tyre. I think I will go for the normal tubes!
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