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Originally Posted by skimmer View Post
Three modes, manual, D and S, seven traction controls and ABS on or off when tried in the myriad of combinations available is perhaps the way I should have worded my inquiry.
Nobody has replied to feeling that they may be confused as to which combination is totally right for them so I can only assume that everything is hunky dory and perhaps it is time I tried one myself.
You are wrong about the DCT permutations. But not wrong about the other complexities. In my experience the DCT was easy to master. Maybe an hour or two's riding and I was using D and S mode at the right places and found the downpaddle amazing. Rarely used M- mode but knew what to do if I fancied trying it. With later iterations of the DCT then 3 different sport modes was easy to grasp.
It took me about an hour of riding the 2018 bike to explore the different engine power and braking modes and to detect the subtle differences between them. I have set up User mode to have highest engine power (massively more it seems than my 2017 bike) and weakest engine braking. I now leave the SEL button at the Mode position in the display then I press up to get high power (country roads) and down arrow to get Gravel - which is nice for tootling in urban areas or for economy on long runs. If I really want to get a move on, then when I'm in User mode I also select Sport mode on the DCT which defaults to the highest sport mode because that's how I last used it.
All the rest of the bikes settings are wasted on me - I have never felt the TC kicking in so I leave it in default mode, and I never go off road so wouldn't want to switch off the ABS, And the Gravel mode doesn't seem to do anything on this bike whereas I could feel some different behaviour on the 2017 bike that was useful (it seemed to soften the jerkiness when riding slowly in town)
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