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Thanks for the info, Petros. So, if I'm reading right, you find it manageable even loaded up a few kg over the "EU Max Weight Limit." Good to know. (And that's a full 18 kg (40 lbs.) over the "US Weight Limit)."

From what I've seen re. specs for max weight capacity on other Adventure Bikes, it appears the Adventure Sports is a bit on the low side, but I don't think any of them are designed for 2-up riding in the style of "The Long Way Round." For shorter trips, it's doable. But these bikes are more than capable of handling one rider, geared to reasonable max, for long, long rides.

Originally Posted by Petros Galiatsis View Post
I would say that upgrade is something to seriously consider, BUT, I try to avoid it because I do not want to ruin the comfort of the OEM suspension....
Here, I agree 100%. I too find the OEM suspension just fine. It's a very comfortable bike to ride--can go for hours. Maybe it's an age thing, but I like it a bit on the soft side. And riding around town, in 2nd or 3rd, it feels to me, for all the world, like I'm riding a big Harley sometimes. *Plenty* of low-end torque and power and with that parallel twin with its 270 deg. crank, it even sort of mimics the sound and feel a bit--but in a nice subtle (and not so loud) way.

It is odd that the EU bikes are rated for more weight. Maybe it is just a "legal" thing. What else could it be?

I don't do a lot of 2-up riding - so far. Nor do I carry a lot of weight. I haven't done a very long trip yet. So I am far from an expert; but if I were to gear up heavy or go for a multi-day 2-up trip, I think I'd adjust the front spring preload up too, even if I left everything else alone (compression/ rebound damping). For my current riding, I have yet to do anything but adjust my rear preload to set it for proper sag--and I find the bike handles very well thus--but again, not a lot of 2-up or heavy gear riding for me yet.

Ride Safe, Gary


2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports - Manual.
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