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Originally Posted by mike5100 View Post
I would like to keep this thread purely about the powercommander rather than other methods of attempting to solve the problem (please )
I've done a search of all the subforums on here and it doesn't look like anyone has actually fitted a powercommander yet - if anyone has please shout up and tell us whether it works.
I am talking to Dynojet about fitting one to a 2018 model year bike. They say that they haven't got the kit out yet for the 2018 (but by implication it has been available for the earlier model).
They are also suggesting that for the DCT (because it can't be put on a rolling road dyno) the solution will be a powercommander 5 plus their autotune module. This is an expensive solution at over £500 but the Africa Twin is such a brilliant bike that it may be worth it if it solves the one imperfection for me (well the heated grips, and the crap outside air temp guage are a nuisance as well )
Whilst browsing their website I have come across what appears to be dynojet's equivalent of the RapidBikeEasy (which didn;t work for me). It's not listed yet as being available for the Africa Twin but I've asked them. Since it's just described as a fuel controller it may be more what we are after if all we are trying to do is solve Euro lean fuelling issues.
PS - I'm also exploring how insurance companies view these products and for this purpose (imroving low rev fuelling) it seems they are quite accommodating - but will report back
I installed a Power Commander 5 that was built for the Africa Twin 2016-2017 in April 2017, straight plug and play install did it myself. My bike is a Jan 2016 build. Purchased from Revzilla in the US. Installed on original pipe and muffler with stock mapping. Made a difference but not dramatic. Removed CAT with a set of Black Widow headers, that made a slight difference as well. Then had it re-tuned on a Dyno that made a big difference. To do that you have to disable the Pair Reed Valve, that really means you have to get down to the Throttle Body and remove that to block off the air supply for the PRV. An easy 15% gain from 2k rpm all the way through to 4500rpm very crisp response, plus good gain across the entire rev range. Key thing on the 16-17 models is the CAT puts a hole in the TQ curve between 2-4.5 k rpm I think that's why they went to twin CATS in 18 models. Does not matter if you go PC V or Rapid Bike if you don't disable the pair valve at time of tuning you a pissing into the wind. So the outcome of the story was the big gain is in the headers not the muffler if you want to change hardware. There is a big punch in performance especially when you first crack the throttle after a re-tune.
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