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Fuel Starvation - Tank Vacuum

I just experienced something for the first time on my ATAS that if I had not had experience with similar symptoms I might be a bit more worried than I am, but at present I am just annoyed. I was just running down the freeway at about 70 mph and went to pass and had a bit of a power lag (on tour setting). Then a bit later when on a secondary road it was starving for power and surging like it was not getting an adequate fuel supply. I pulled over and switched to User mode (set at 1,1,1) and took off. Still the problem, and it was RPM not speed related, like it had a governor. I pulled over again and opened and closed the gas cap, and it began running perfectly again. Has anyone experienced a blockage of the fuel tank venting system, and if so, where is the first place I should look? Thank for the help.

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