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I just purchased the SW motech 'city bag' quick release for my 2017 Africa Twin. Based on SW motech website, the city bag is recommended for this bike, however, after watching several videos on installation, a common comment is not to install a bag that will cause interference at full lock.

Temporarily placing the bag on my tank, at about 80 either direction, the bars will rub against the bag thus limiting my steering radius.

Although during the majority of my riding I'm sure I won't ever have to worry about the bag obstructing my steering, I do wonder if this bag may cause problems, especially if having to make a sharp turn abruptly.

Can anyone who owns this specific bag provide any feedback? Pros and cons? Any issues with steering and interference with the tank bag?

Deciding on if I should keep it, or return it for a Givi tank bag.

Thanks everyone!

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