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Originally Posted by deltabi View Post
I would not connect directly to the battery, use switched power.
You can do your own cabling starting from the option socket behind the instrument cluster: 12V + GPS power; in this case you only need the OEM connector ( and then you do the cabling (you'll also need a generic 12V socket).
Or you can install "OEM way", buying the 12V socket kit and the "sub harness kit" (Y cable) which will allow to power a second accessory (GPS). In this case you still need an OEM 4-way connector if you want a "clean" cabling (or you'll cut the Y cable and connect directly the GPS power wires).
So if I use the OEM kit, The white connector plugs into the connector behind the front cluster, Red connector to the 12V supplied and the other connector is for a second port if I want to install, correct?
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