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Well I’m glad that none of you had an issue with the nut for the OEM rack falling out and sliding down the inner fender well. I did, and if it happens to anyone else I’m sure they’ll agree with me or spend some time and just take off your inner fender well and let me know how that goes. Who knows maybe the idiot that installed those nuts screwed it up... All I can tell you is one fell completely out of its “holder” and the other was just hanging there. So YES it was a PITA fishing a nut out of the side of the bike pretty close to the passenger rear foot peg. But the best part is putting it back where it belongs there is NO ACCESS to it save for dropping the nut on the inner fender and fishing it back up through the hole it fell out of........ Other than that, yea the aftermarket racks were a breeze I would of been done in 20min or so.. BTW I am willing to stop by and tackle the OEM rack off anyone’s bike and push those nuts through if it’s no big deal to put them back on..

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