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The DCT and you....

First off let me say I do love the DCT, yes it has some shortcomings but all in all I think it works pretty good and with time Honda will make it better.
Now with that said - It lacks finesse and probability never will have it, with the DCT it’s pretty much an all or nothing deal. Yes it will (at the right setting) stop rear wheel spin. But it does it absolutely and abruptly there’s no “middle” ground like with a clutch where you keep your RPM’s up but put very little power to the wheel. Sure it’s a real bit of a learning cure for us older riders “switching hands” as it were for absolute control of the drive from the left had to your right (clutch control to throttle control) and on the DCT it is ALL about throttle control. Tho I’m sure with time the old habits/muscle memory of manual clutch riding will give way and I’m sure I’ll be able to coax even more finesse to the rear wheel than I already do, I don’t think it will never be as much as you can get from a clutch, but, that’s were years of experience in off road kick in. Reading the line, surface, and traction to make up the slight shortcomings of the DCT.

With that said I would like to as the DCT owners in this poll about you normally use the DCT...

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