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Originally Posted by Torque Request View Post
First off I have no lack of finesse concerns or unusual jerkiness at low speeds, If I am smooth it is smooth. I do wish it would downshift sooner. It seams to need near WOT to give you a gear. I installed a G2 throttle tube to help and it certainly has, however I have conceded to pushing the button whenever I really want the gear.
My point being it’s a set amount EVERY time sure you can set the time at when you want it it kick in, especially on the 18’s and above because of the throttle by wire. But they are set amounts and as such, of course, is not going to fit every situation off road. There is just no way to get the same variable amount from just the throttle as opposed to both the throttle AND the clutch. Say for example going up and down a series of different sloped hills one you might want to take one at 4000rpm and just go up and the next at 4000rpm but feathering the clutch a bit to reduce the power to the wheel but keep most of your speed. You are not going to stop at each hill and adjust the “P” & “T” levels on a DCT. Can you find a setting that will generally work in the conditions you are riding in, sure, especially on the newer AT’s. I brought this bike knowing that.
You say “pushing the button whenever I really want the gear” funny my 18 ATAS will NOT always let me go up a gear when in “auto” in sport mode it runs in 4th gear at 45mph and will NOT allow me to shift to 5th hit 46mph and it will but not 45mph... BUT put it in just “drive” mode and at 35mph it is in 6th gear...
Lol “DRIVE” mode is pretty much useless in my book - that “mode” short shifts worse than any rookie rider ever could.

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