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Case Damage From ATAS Skid Plate

On the 12th and 13th I attended adventure off-road training with Bret Tkacs from PSSOR, a course I would highly recommend for those with the time to attend. Of the 14 bikes there we had one additional ATAS besides my own. At the end of the first day we noticed some oil dripping from the other one, and at lunch the 2nd day the skid-plate was pulled to see if the oil filter might be lose. Imagine everyone's surprise to see a hairline crack in the left side of the case about 2-3 mm in from the edge, and that with a visually undamaged plate. Further inspection revealed that evidently they had been an impact to the left edge the was somewhat directed laterally, and the plate had apparently "flexed" inward and upward before springing back out, and the plate had functioned like a cleaver on the rounded portion of the case and cracked it.

So, warning to all, and a request from me wondering what plates others who are using Heed Bunkers might be using, as I will be changing my skid-plate out. Freak occurrence? Maybe, but I don't wish to be number 2. Clearly a design flaw from Honda when the bash plate itself can be the instrument of damage.

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