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Originally Posted by Torque Request View Post
First I must qualify, I have a 17. It seams we may have different ridding style/terrain. I don't commute much so If I am riding, I am riding.

I honestly don't think that I have ever pressed the upshift button.... I am always looking for the lower gear on acceleration, say accelerating out of a tight hairpin or passing on the two lane.
Yea the trannys are a bit different in that the firmware changed (as far as I know the actual transmission is exactly the same)
18’s and above with the new throttle by wire have more modes to choose from.
Honestly “drive” mode is useless for me, on my ATAS it literally has me in 6th gear in about 300ft from my starting point and at 35mph.. a little over half of my commute is 35mph roads. Although I’ve never actually timed it - I would say that in ‘drive” mode it literally spends around 3 seconds in each gear and just short shifts it’s way to 5th or 6th.
Really no big deal IF the road you’re on is 45mph or faster - but having the bike in 6th at 35mph is just plain annoying.
Lol, I guess, in the end, I can really just blame this annoyance on my slow roads to work...

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