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Originally Posted by AT-Dragon View Post
Yea I’ve heard 1100L too, personally I ask why? More weight for what, a few HP gain, honesty can anybody here who has ridden their AT off road say that it didn’t have enough HP. Sure if you were gonna extend the swing arm put a paddle tire on it and enter in some hill climbing events you might need a bit more HP - But for the other 99.99% of us, the AT has plenty of horses to pull you through nature’s finest...
Now a 650 or maybe a 850 yea that would be good for those who do more off road than on and want a bit more nimble bike..
It has more than enough power, the problem is the competition has more. Buddy just bought the big KTM, his exact words is the power is stupid. LOL Im pretty sure he meant that in a good way though.
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